That Adonis is Mine!
116 Kept man
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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116 Kept man

After extensive euphorias experience, Sophie finally kept her mind in check, realizing herself was leaning over Shawn in the tub. She wondered if quicky was enough for him, so she turned around to face Shawn - expecting a smile on his face but it was a frown instead.

"What makes you frown this so much, Shawn?"

Hearing Sophie voice, reeled his thought back. He knew he raised irrelevant concern - in the current technology where everything is available to search online, which mind would remain pure? He knew he isn't.

Sophie bewildered at Shawn sudden mood change- flipped even worse than a girl in her period! Sophie stood up and entered the semi-transparent glass box to shower bubbles off her. From his side, he could see a vague Sophie's silhouette thru the glass but his mind explicitly overlap her naked body he saw earlier to the image he saw now.

It has just been a few minutes since they past tryst, but he felt longing towards her. He heard the overhead shower closed and Sophie exited with a wet hair and naked. She walked towards the built-in cabinet and took a towel out and began to wipe herself dry.

When she has done, she took the bathrobe off the hook and put it on. She turned around and saw Shawn looking at her with interest. She gave a smile, took out a towel for him to use and proceed to do her daily facial routine.

Shawn noticed Sophie was ignoring him, so he stood up, pull the tub stopper out to drain the water before walking in his birthday suit to the glass door to shower. When he was inside, he turned on the shower and realized he forgot to bring the small men toiletries along.

"Sophie, could you bring those bottles inside?"

Sophie heard his request couldn't help but gave a low chuckle. It felt like they were an old married couple staying together, feeling comfortable with each other. Sophie took those small bottles and passed it over to Shawn, after giving him a full body scan, embossing those images in her mind.

When he has done, he walked out from the shower to find Sophie no longer there. He took the towel from the cabinet and wear the bathrobe before leaving the bathroom. To his shocked, he saw a well-pressed man white shirt, black pants, a matching black tie with a white undershirt and red-black brief laying on the bed.

He felt like something isn't right, a nagging sensation but he ignores his thought. He dries himself before continue wearing the attire. Then he walked out of the bedroom and found a table of simple breakfast prepared with an envelope with his name written.

Inside, he found a passcard, a few cash notes and a short note stating her rush for a meeting, asking him to eat the prepared breakfast, money for him to travel back to his place and extra passcard for him to lock the house up.

Then it comes to him - he felt like being a kept man!
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