That Adonis is Mine!
115 Foreplay *18+
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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115 Foreplay *18+

Sound of cloth ruffled around and soft thud followed suit afterward with aloud water splashed. Shawn raised his head up, afraid Sophie faced any bad encounter but what he saw was a naked back, nape, and back of her head where her bottom submerged in the bubble bath.

The white towel was left abandoned on the cold floor. Shawn can't help himself from swallowed his saliva hard. A part of his mentality and sanity urged him to take a step back, leaving the pure maiden to bath alone. Yet another part of him cajoled him to strip and joined her in the bath.

Sophie turned around and saw how Shawn contemplated himself. With his uncertainty face whether to proceed or bolt bring unexpected joy to Sophie. She remembered something that John Doe said to her before, "A man that honestly care to his beloved would always think with his heart and mind before his lower half."

She could see a clear desire in his eyes but he was undecided, hence she decided to give him a push on the back.

"What are you waiting for, Shawn? Strip….or you want me to help you, my lord?"

Her domineering yet playful invitation broke his restraint loose. With her often tease brush his ego as a man. How could he Adonis like him being a plank of wood in the presence of a naked lady? He isn't a monk, for goodness sake.

Sophie swears she could hear something snap but she ignores it nevertheless. Few seconds passed with Shawn remained rigid, hence Sophie slowly raised from her tub after lathered herself up with bubble soap. When she stood up, putting her proud curve on display with a little cover-up from the bubbles foam, Sophie climbed out of the tub and walked closer to her Shawn.

Looking at bare naked Sophie aroused Shawn to a height he never experiences before - well he is a virgin boy that still using his hand to rub himself off. He could see those wet C cup breast with hidden nipples under those foam that would be a perfect size under his palms. His eyes went down, down to her perfect slender waist and abs to bottom down.

He sighs in defeat - she is wearing a black sexy side tying panties. But those gap in expectation didn't falter his rising arousal, yet tighten his much more than he could bear. Sophie stood in front of Shawn with her eyes locked into his. She placed her hand on his chest while another on his waist.

With a difference of height, the closeness made him able to see her eyelashes flutter in delight and her sensual lips puckered. He was spellbound, totally in her mercy. He slowly brings his face down and captured those full lips with his. He pressed his lips deep into her, he slowly tugs and kisses her lower lips to gain entry of her mouth with his tongue.

Their tongue wrestles for dominance before Shawn overpowered her with his strength. In a closed locked space, baffled moans and pants were heard. The coldness of the air and her lack of clothing made Sophie suddenly shivers and her leg wobbles. When they separated, a line of saliva bridge between their lips.

Sophie gained her bearing after a short while. Looking up and close to those perfect face, she put all her weight onto her hand and then gave a gentle squeeze on his thighs near his groin, then seductively speak, "Join me".

Her hands went down to his shirt hem and peel it off upwards with her breast bounced nicely on top of his bare chest. Perfect ab and wide chest - Sophie couldn't help herself from marking her territory, so she leans closer and kiss, bite and sucked his protruding collarbones. She then goes down to his chest, playfully nibbles, licking and sucked those small pinkish nipples.

Shawn released a hard groan, losing himself in those sensations. His burning desire was nowhere near extinguish, instinctually he let his hand roaming on that topless body. He wanted to give those firm breasts a cupped but with Sophie pressing her front to his chest and sucking his nipples making it hard to do so. Hence, he moved his hands against those covered round perfect peaches and give it a smack.

Sophie jolted by the sudden smack, released his nipples and looked him in the eyes. The fire of desire ignited, Sophie then turned around and grinds her bum against him. Making him growl her name in heat. She turned to face him again and went down on her knees.

"Is it okay?" She asked again for certainty.

Who in the right mind would reject such an oblivious obscene invitation? But since Shawn did before, Sophie asked him again for assurance. She doesn't want to be interrupted in their passionate love talks.

Shawn neither nod nor agree, hence she played by her instinct fueled by desire. She tugged his jogging pants down and run her fingernails over his black lightweight polyester-spandex boxer brief- tracing his high tent bulge.

Shawn arched his body backward unconsciously as he felt her nails tracing his little brother. His erection went to the highest length he possibly can after was suddenly free by Sophie. He then began to call her name as he massages his balls and stimulates his brother with soft teasing blows.

She then took him in her hand and begin to lick him from the base to the tip. Knowing his sensitive part, Sophie took his tip into her mouth and then wrap another one hand around his shaft and run it up and down.

The pleasure made Shawn scream in lust. Sophie continues to lick, pursing her lips together and gave him a small peck. Knowing he is nearly a release, she again took him inside her mouth and make a slow circular motion with her tongue on his tip which she alternates direction and speed to his need.

When Shawn soon to reach his orgasm, she took him out of her mouth and use her hand to finish him off. She slowly grabs his shaft in one hand while another on the head, then stroking him faster and faster until he climaxes, ejaculated into giving her a pearl necklace.

After seeing Shawn writhe in pleasure, she stood up and gave him a deep kiss. After they separated for needed air, turned her body so she could lean her back against Shawn and wrapped his arms to hug her. Satisfied, she then spoke, "Please me next".

Shawn wrapped her into his arm and softly nibbles her ears. Like how she pleased him, he wanted to pay her back tenfold. In between his nibbles and suck, he slowly brought his mouth near her ear to dirty talk her to build up sexual tension.

"I'm going to make you scream my name, Sophie".

Sophie pinched his thigh in response but her eyes burning with expectation. Shawn continues his deep passionate kisses down to her neck, sucking and biting. His hands moved to caress her breast, pinch and pull, feeling them in his hands.

Sophie moan with pleasure, which made Shawn grew in length. He turned Sophie around, cupped her firm butt and lift her up in the air, carrying her to the tub edge and let her sit there. He then started to dominate her mouth again while his dominant hand went down to her honeypot.

When Sophie realized the bare sensual touch from his finger, she didn't remember when did Shawn removed her panties. He moved his finger back and forth her love spot while applying slight pressure. As she gaining arouse, Shawn gently starts with a finger, finding her spot and make a circular motion that made Sophie moan in highest decibels.

Shawn read it somewhere that women take a while to orgasm. So, he then continues to lick, kiss and suck her lips, jawline, earlobes, and neck at random pace and order. When he wanted to enter another finger inside of her, Sophie groans in refusal, "Eat me".

Shawn willingly to fulfill her need, go down on his knees and placed her mouth near her juice and gave her a light tickling blows. Such unexpected action increases her sensitivity, making her tingling with anticipation.

Shawn gave her an unpredictable mix of kisses, licking and sucking that made her curl her toes. As Sophie level of sexual arousal continues to rise, Shawn starts to lick her out up and down across her clit in vary strokes, slow and soft then fast and hard.

In minutes of rough foreplay, Sophie orgasm while shouting his name clear and loud. As Sophie writhing in ecstasy, Shawn carefully carries her into the tub and took a bath together with her leaning on her back against his chest.

After a pleasuring exercise, Shawn was exhausted yet content. Though this is his first experience with women, he knew he did well in making his beloved squit and climax - as she did to him. But then it comes to him, why did Sophie know so much in how to pleasure him?!

A thought of Sophie learn and practice how to pleasure on another person clouded his mind - he must make her his! Fast!
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