That Adonis is Mine!
114 Toiletries
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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114 Toiletries

Sophie walked towards the bathroom door and sprung it open. Instead of expecting her Adonis in a compromising situation, what she saw was Shawn looking back at her in properly dressed and clear surprised in his eyes.

She looked at him before glanced the undisturbed bathroom, then released a heavy sigh. To mask her kinky thought, Sophie spoke in low volume, "Here I thought you were preparing bathtub for us?"

Sophie entered the bathroom and locked the door behind her. Ignoring her Adonis that stood stiff, Sophie walked towards the bathtub and let the water runs. She then turned around and walked towards the cabinet to take out two bathrobes and a couple of small bottles and plastic bags.

She hanged those bathrobes on the hook near the door, placed those on the vanity top and then continue ignoring Shawn that was eyeing her the whole time. Seeing that Sophie ignoring him, Shawn turned his face to the side and reaching out for a small bottle on the counter top to see what it is.

Shawn frown afterward, it's men toiletries. There are shampoo, conditioners, body wash, shaver cream, and disposable razor, toothbrush and body oil. Looking at how well prepared her bathroom is made him wonder why Sophie even have all these items?

"Vincent's", Sophie said in reply even before Shawn able to ask. What she meant that Vincent would stop by here and then, so she keeps men toiletries for sake of convenience. What Shawn didn't know that Vincent had never stayed overnight at Sophie's place and she been keeping packets of disposable men toiletries due to her past life habit.

Not like anyone would know.

Then in a short while, Shawn could smell refreshing citrus. Staring back at Sophie, he realized that she is preparing a bubble bath on the tub. Hence, he realized how obscene everything is now - a naked-towel wrapped Sophie, bubble bath and locked bathroom.

In split second, his little brother raised and tighten his pants. Shawn accidentally released a soft moan but Sophie heard it clearly. She turned her head towards Shawn and saw the mighty bulge. She released soft chuckles.

Hearing a soft angelic laugh, Shawn felt embarrassed. He felt like being such a pervert, horny over a graceful angelic maiden. Little that he knew the angel he assumes was a succubus in disguise.

"Now, should we began round 2?" Sophie seductively said.
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