That Adonis is Mine!
113 Constipation?
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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113 Constipation?

The air stifled between two of them. One is waiting for an answer while another is constructing words in his mind. Minutes passed by with neither willing to begin. After a while, Shawn finally began to talk and Sophie silently listened.

Shawn recited his life anecdote for the past five years, how he changing from 'Shawn Edward', living blood-related brother of John Edward to 'Shawn Edward', orphan and current Chief in EDEM. He also told her about how he survived the accident that leads to his parents' death and doubted it was accidental. Everything.

After a long detail explanation, Sophie remained silent. A lot in her mind, trying to put every piece together - everything she knew about him in her previous life and now. After a long while, she finally got a clear picture but with missing the key points to solve her Adonis concern.

But that can wait for later. Now, let her enjoy herself basking in Shawn obvious love to her.

When everything all sorted out, Sophie took a look around her room to find Shawn missing. She was baffled, did he left? Did he misunderstand that she ain't willing to face difficulties for him? Did he still doubted how much she loved him?!

'I loved him for a lifetime, for goodness sake.'

Sophie released a heavy sigh and moved out of the bed. Trying to see if he left any note or message, she observed her messy bed and room. She couldn't find one but she could see his thrown away Bluetooth earphones and a piece of his socks, indicating he still around.

Sophie doubted Shawn left the room, so her best guess was he went to the bathroom. Thinking he would be out soon, Sophie went to sit at the maroon couch. She waited minute after minutes but Shawn yet to come out.


Sophie thought in her mind, wondering what took Shawn too long in the bathroom. When she saw the messy bed, Sophie thought to linger at the heat moments she and Shawn shared earlier. She couldn't get her mind out of lusting over her dream Adonis.

Her patient wearing thin, Shawn yet to step out of the bathroom. Looking at the wall clock, it had been more than 15 minutes - she then realized something is wrong. Her Adonis might be relieving himself instead of asking for her to help!!

Sophie quickly stripped out off her running attire, throwing everything on the floor.

'Should I go in with my lingeries or nude?'

Contemplated on which one would be better, she finally decided to go naked under a wrap of a towel. To show a glance of modesty in her seduction. After happy with her appearance, Sophie walked towards the bathroom door and sprung it open.
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