That Adonis is Mine!
111 We need to talk
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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111 We need to talk

"You are now mine, Shawn"

Listening to Sophie's claim, Shawn can't help but feel full. For years he suppresses his yearning to this lady, even more, when he's hiding himself to pursue the truth behind his parents' death.

He still remembered himself making an oath to make Sophie's his after he settles all account, but looking at the situation on hand now, clearly he broke his own promises. Thinking a life next to Sophie, he willing to take any punishment the fate laid for him.

But, would she willing to? Will she willing to spend her life with him against bullets and hardship? He waiver at such thought. Sophie on another hand was trying to get his sleeveless running singlet off him observed the man in front of her restless, mind drifted elsewhere and limp.

Such an anti-climax.

Sophie became irritated and all her rush and lust were cut short. She didn't even cum yet. Annoyed at such perfect man below her, Sophie cupped his face and pinched his cheeks.

"Are you a monk? Or fucking ED (erectile dysfunction)?" Sophie hissed in angry.

This had never happened to her before, in this life or past. Every man she served would be shouting her name to the highest heaven and enjoyed the ride with her. Even her John Doe in the past would pamper her to degree that she never left his eyes.

And now? They were in the middle of making love and he just slipped his mind elsewhere?! What fucking bullshit is this?!

Shawn who finally realized Sophie anger reeled his thought on track. He knew he made mistake but cutting their obscene rendezvous short would be the best for now. Shawn lifted his chest up and lean against the bedpost.

"Sophie, we need to talk."

Shawn said in a low yet clear voice. He needs her to understand that if they did continue doing the deed, she would be a part of his messed up life and danger are lurking near him. He doesn't want anything bad to happen to her due this moment of heat and pleasure.

He would rather her stay in the sun rather than following him into the darkness. He needs to make sure that even if she wanted to remain in the light, he would forever protect and cherish her in the shadow.

"Speak. I wanted to know what important thing that crossed your mind in the middle of our passionate love conversation."
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