That Adonis is Mine!
108 I’ll kiss you
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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108 I’ll kiss you

Never Shawn ever imagines that Sophie would dirty talk to him, ever. He suddenly felt the image of her uphold in his heart for years seems like a mirage in the desert. Did she changed or he actually has never known her that well?

Observing how unresponsive Shawn to her pickup line made her wanted to try again.

"Why are you quiet? I'm warning you if you keep quiet…"

Listening to Sophie's threat, Shawn raised his eyebrow, gesturing her to continue.

"I'll kiss you."

Such frank word dazed Shawn for a moment. During that moment, Sophie leans forward closing the gap between her and Shawn. She darted out her tongue and lightly traced his lips; not too hard or too soft.

Before Shawn could realize what was happening, Sophie had pulled away and looked at him nonchalantly.

"I told you I'll kiss you if you remained mute."

Shawn rolled his eyes at Sophie's remark.

"That wet licking is what you called as kissing?"

He felt a hit to his ego if his first kiss memory was just like that - wet. Before he knew what he was doing, he had closed the distance and pressed his lips against that sweet full lips and his world went silent.

He could only hear his heartbeat racing, high pumping adrenaline rush. He pressed against her, tongue delving between her lips. Sophie was in dazed but well adapted to a sudden change in no time. Heck, her Adonis is kissing her voluntary - why would she disagree?

In the next second, Sophie encircled her arms, embracing Shawn's neck and parted her lips to welcome the intrusion. The pair continue to explore each other oral cavity, making each other pant and their bodies grew more sensitive as they share wet saliva, numbness, and sparks.

Shawn slid his hand to the back of her neck, to such angle where he drove deeper and harder kiss. He sucked and tugged at her lips sloppily, confirming Sophie's assumption on his uneducated sexual knowledge pertaining opposite sex, marvel that her Adonis were firstly tainted by her.
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