That Adonis is Mine!
102 Tetrad Hill Park I
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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102 Tetrad Hill Park I

It has been a week since Wally came to Staller to deliver a dozen of the small surveillance system, courtesy of the genius Gilligan. During that time, Sophie had given half of it to her brother as a peace offering due to her 'lack of constraint' during the CWC event. The remaining half was still with her - to be implemented near her capture target.

In an early morning, Sophie donning in black and bright pink lining active gear and went for a morning run at the public park near her apartment in Tetrad Hills, Tetrad Hill Park. The lushes of green trees and morning chirps aroused Sophie spirit to do an extra lap around the park.

The public park is located in the center of three high rise apartment. Though the park is open to all to use, however, due to strict entrance checking to the area, most visitors are Tetrad Hills's tenants.

Sophie maintained her pace as she made her final lap around the park. She would find time to at least run around the park three times a week to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She needs to be fit enough to face whatever bad possibility encounter she might face.

As she runs, she passed by a couple with matching attire that was running together. From what she overheard them, it seems that the lady encourages his partner to continue run without her but the man ignores her, instead reduce his speed to match her.

'I yet to eat breakfast, but got served with dog food instead.'

┐( ´ д ` )┌

As Sophie mumbled herself in silent, her mind began to wonder the possibility for a chance to meet up with her beloved Adonis here. If her life is a female lead in a novel, she might get such a thing but she doubted such remarkable fate.

Little her know that she is a female lead and author planned to give her such fate.

So when she planned to stop near the drinking fountain for a cool down and hydration, she spotted her Adonis leaning over the fountain for a short sip with his bang fallen down, heavenly contour face damp with perspiration, sleeveless tank top hugged close to his body and moistened lips.

Gulped. (^་།^)

Sophie felt her throat dry and heat began to wrap her head. Sophie lifted her finger and wiped the nonexistence blood that she felt dripping from her nose. Sophie froze when she saw Shawn lifted his singlet up, putting his well developed 8 packs abs on displayed as he wiped his face with it.

Sophie felt a pang of jealousy toward non-being existence of a plain black sleeveless shirt. She wanted to hug herself close to her Adonis and wipe his face.
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