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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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101 Why

Shawn felt that Michael's question short-circuited his proudest high IQ - render himself incapable to answer Michael fast.

A man asking another straight man about how to unhook a woman bra.

Shawn really wonders how does this highly achieved man's brain works. Totally mentally out of the box!

When Shawn observed Michael anticipating eyes, he knew that Michael wasn't asking him for the sake of pranking or jesting, but pure honest curiosity.

'Why did I even agree to answer his question'


Explaining how to unhook such a private garment awkward him much, like how he remembered how his deceased parent trying to explain to him and John about the bees and the birds when they were fifteen.

Remembering the crash course brought goosebump to Shawn - that was the reason why he would spend longer time showering under cold water whenever he spotted Sophie at the hidden garden. A biological reaction that needs to be doused off.

As Shawn think things over, he suddenly felt bad premonition. Putting his feeling aside, Shawn looked into his friend's eyes and slowly utter his one-word question, "Why?"

Because of high intoxicated, Michael incapable to understand Shawn's question. 'Why are you asking me this' was misinterpreted by Michael as 'Why do you want to know this'.

"I need to know just in case I got lucky with my date. It would be embarrassing if I spoilt the mood because my incapability to undress her later…."

The glass on Shawn's hand broken the moment he heard Michael's remark. The bad feeling he felt before burst open. Though Michael is still speaking, Shawn selectively mute Michael out after he heard the words 'date', thus totally ignoring the broken pieces that are still remained in his hand.

It took Shawn a while before he realized the sting pain on his palm and slowly placing the broken bits on the table. He cleared his throat, gaining Michael's attention. With a small smile and clenched fist underneath the table, Shawn uttered his question.

"May I know who's the lucky girl that gained your attention?"

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