That Adonis is Mine!
95 BlueBell
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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95 BlueBell

Looking at Michael that seems out-of-character with his unexpected friendliness, Shawn remembered the day he was introduced to him by his brother over a dinner.

A silver 2016 Porsche Boxster stopped on the entrance of BlueBell at 6.30 pm. In a short minute, both door ajars and two bewitching gentlemen get out the car both sides. If someone listens closely, they could hear several low shouts and sudden thud next - a casualty to stunning brothers.

A young valet approaches Shawn, took the car key and drove the car to a premium parking slot while Shawn and John step inside the premise before they were lead to a private dining room.

BlueBell is a famous two-floor restaurant establishment owned by a 3-star Michelin chef, Joseph. The ground level is open fine dining spaces, a large kitchen and squeaky clean restrooms where located while the second floor offers private rooms dining that provides a secluded dining experience with prior reservation required.

When John stepped into the designed room, he was welcomed by the co-owner, Michael House. The fact Michael co-own the restaurant wasn't publicly known. He and Joseph were a childhood friend, so when Joseph received his rank Michael gifted him a blank restaurant blueprint that he fully sponsored.

Since the gift was too overwhelming, Joseph sternly wanted him to become co-owner. In 4 month of construction, planning, and hiring, the BlueBell were opened and he became BlueBell's silent partner ever since.

He owned a private dining room in BlueBell where he would invite his friends over or accommodate his business partners. Michael mentally thanked Joseph for his earnestly to make him a co-owner. Free food and private room whenever he wants! Thank you, Joseph!

When John and Shawn were ushered to the private room, Michael had already arrived to make sure that everything is ready. This would be his first formal introduction to Shawn Edward - the first impression lasts forever. That is what he got from today fortune cookies.

When he heard John and Shawn arrived at the entrance, took another look around the room, making sure everything in place. Then, he waited for them to arrive.
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