That Adonis is Mine!
90 Be a good girl
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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90 Be a good girl

In the last minutes, the 31 billion turned almost one folded. Sophie looked at the bidder's name column at saw a name she didn't expect - Michael House. She reflexly turned her head towards the 6 seater VIP table at the center hall, searching for Michael.

As she turned her head, she heard her phone bombard with notification. She immediately turned her head back and look at the stage screen. Her current amount keeps on changing at the last minute.

60 billion - Michael House.

100 billion - Shawn Edward.

600 billion - Michael House.

900 billion - Shawn Edward.

Sophie cheers for Shawn in her heart. She was hoping that Shawn would win the bid. The timer down to the last 10 second. If Michael late in bidding, the winner would go to Shawn.

'God, please let Shawn win. I'll be a good girl for a week. I promise'

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The amount keeps on changing. Sophie unconsciously grabs Vincent's arm for support. In her mind, she silently thought of Shawn current net worth, counting his cap limit in bidding.

Then timer counted down to zero. The last bidding amount was 6 trillion. Shawn Edward lost to Michael House. Sophie was devastated.

'Why did my sweet dream turned into a nightmare?'

(; ̄Д ̄)

When the bidding time was over, the host took control onstage. He started with a round of applause to both bidder and participants, then announced the total accumulated for the ladies participants which exceed the total accumulated from men participants auction.

The host again walks downstage and made a beeline to the VIP table where the highest bidder amount seated - Michael House. He planned to interview him as he did previously with Sophie Shane.

Since he was purified by Goddess Sophie, the masculine profile of Michael House unable to turn him on. If it was before, he would take this chance to ogle Michael up close and personal. But now, only stay professional were in his mind.

No more chrysanthemum for the host to break anymore.
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