That Adonis is Mine!
89 Thank you, God!
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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89 Thank you, God!

When Vincent placed a new bid on Sophie, a new amount outbid him by a million. The new amount was 31 billion. Both Vincent and Sophie turned their head to the screen, wanting to know who dares to outbid Vincent.

How much Vincent dotes on Sophie were common knowledge among the prominent families in YZ Continents. Even since young years, Vincent was quite protective of her that she mistakenly misunderstood him in her previous life.

But when she saw the name on the screen, she felt delighted. it was the only name that shall take her to the highest sky.

Shawn Edward.

'OMG! OMG! My Adonis is bidding me! He bidding me! Thank you, God!'


Sophie was close to prostrate herself on the floor if Vincent didn't suddenly hold her arm, stopping her. When she saw Vincent holding his phone, trying to outbid Shawn's bid, she quickly takes his phone hostage.

"Stop outbid Shawn."

How could she allow her brother to win the bid when her Adonis is there bidding for her. She wants to spend time with her beloved Adonis, not her brother if she could.

Vincent felt wrong. She was the one that came up with the idea and abandoned it. Then asked to be saved but warning him not to win. Can you make up your mind, my dearest little sister?!

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Sophie ignored her brother instead looking at the current winning bid at 31 billion. Though the amount was lower than what she had bid previously, she didn't care. For what worth, her Adonis is willingly to buy her out!

'If this a dream, please don't wake me up yet!'

Sophie silently thought.

As the time ticks by, the time down to the last 3 minutes. The highest bidder is still Shawn Edward with 31 billion.

Last two minutes. 31 billion.

Last one minutes. 60 billion.

The heck!
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