That Adonis is Mine!
87 Stop misleading people, Goddess!
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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87 Stop misleading people, Goddess!

When the host passed her the mic, Sophie took it and lifted it close to her chin. She took a moment to think before she responded back to the awaited host.

"My thought is, first of all, to thank you for inviting me to this event. May this event concluded with beyond expectation. Secondly, allow me to express my congratulations to committees that organized such a wonderful, exciting auction event."

"It seems that Miss Sophie truly enjoyed yourself tonight ?"

"Yes, I do."

"May I assumed the 5 trillion bid Miss Sophie raised is because you enjoying this event?"

Instead of answering the host question, Sophie let out a soft giggling sound as her lips curved upwards. Her tinkling giggles amplified over the speaker resound over the hall, drowning everyone in her chuckles.

Closest to Sophie, the host took another damaging hit. His HP declining to a dangerous amount.

'Goddess, that too sly. Pity my weak soul, please!'

Sophie then paused and then answered to the host previous question.

"That is where you're wrong. I'm not spending money because I'm enjoying the event."

"May I ask why?"

"I spend because I could."

"..." 'That is too domineering, goddess!'

"Plus, donating five trillion to get YZ most desirable bachelor, I won such a good bid."

".." 'Goddess, we are not selling people here'

To avoid public misunderstanding in their auction, the host tries to lighten the air by joking ask Sophie, "So, winning the most desirable bachelor with five trillion is worthwhile?"

Sophie lifted her red kissable lips upward, mischievous at full display.

"I'll work his body hard to make it worth it."

(¬‿¬ )

'Stop misleading people, Goddess!'
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The host gained his bearing, quickly stopped his interview with Sophie before bid her thank you and goodbye. He walked upstage and began the second round of the auction, bidding of the fair ladies.

"Let the second round began. The same rules applied, gentlemen. May the highest bidder win".
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