That Adonis is Mine!
86 Long live the Queen
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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86 Long live the Queen

Sophie gave her brother a wink before focusing back to the host onstage. Her name and bidding amount were bolded, highlighted and displayed on stage large LED screen. To hype the night, the host went downstage and walked towards Sophie.

"Good evening, Miss Sophie."

Sophie stood up and gave a smile to the host. She nodded her head as a greeting gesture. Her flawless, blemish free face and red luscious lips were displayed at every stage LED displays.

With a regal, majestic aura surrounded her, everyone synchronous thought of, 'Long live the Queen'

The host's heart fluttered rapidly as Sophie smile aimed at him, definitely a KO. Instinctively he placed his right hand over his heart, trying to calm his soul while making a mental note,

'Keep fighting myself. Remember you like a hot delicious man, not a woman. Be strong, myself !'.

The whole hall turned silent. Wondering why the host kept quiet, Sophie unconsciously turned her head slightly to the right, unaware that her little gesture just made every man heart melt.

Trying to avoid a direct hit, the host turned his eyes to the man sitting next to Sophie but when he meets Vincent's cold eyes, he faltered. Hence, succumbed to Sophie's allure. Little that Sophie knew the war she ignited and won in the host's mind and soul, saving the host's family legacy.

The host awkwardly cough. (//▽//)

He put a professional smile and gained back his momentum in hosting the event. How could he show his weak side to his new profound goddess? Gosh.

He lifted his wireless mic closer to his mouth and projected a clear brisk voice. He turned his body slightly so that the camera could place him at the same frame with Sophie, which he thought to get a video copy later, thus began his commentary with her.

"Again with me, Miss Sophie Shane. As the highest bidder tonight, mind share with us your thought for tonight's event?"
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The host asked while passing her a mic.
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