That Adonis is Mine!
85 Giving your dowry
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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85 Giving your dowry

Sophie walked back to her seat and saw her brother with a downcast face. Then it hit her, she was totally forget about the deal!

"OMG, I forgot!"

Vincent who heard Sophie's word shrugged his shoulder. He should had expected this when he noticed how Sophie's eyes gleaming whenever she heard 'Shawn Edward'. The same gesture like how she behaved before when she was young - playing with that idiot trash.

'I'll make sure my little sister won't suffer anymore this time'.

After their last discussion last time, Sophie became much more closer to him than before. From their constant interaction, he noticed Sophie "odd" moment - like how she sometimes knew something that no one would know, or how she could sometime asked him a favour in sending a news "accidentally" to John.

He saw the subtle hints from her, so he ignored it. Now?! He saw it firsthand how she dropped everything, forget everything and rescue someone else. Not him, her blood related brother!
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Vincent felt frustrated. His gentle, adorable little sister has just evoked her engagement, and now chasing another man - a man who ranked the most desired eligible bachelor. So until Shawn shown his sincerity to Sophie, he would stand in between them.

But looking at her flustered in anxiety, calmed his nerve a bit. His hand reached out and give Sophie a pat on her palm.

"OMG Vincent, who's the highest bidder now? What happened if an old lady won? No we can't have that. We need to protect your innocence."

"It's okay. Someone I know helped me out."


Before Vincent get to reply Sophie, the host announced the time for bidding has ended. He then announced the successful bidder and amount bidded. He announced the name list in descending order.

Vincent was runner up in rank total bidding amount by the bidders - losing to Shawn Edward again. The margin was 100 times more. When Vincent learned the amount his sister bid at, he was shocked, so he turned and asked.

"Are you bidding for charity or giving your dowry?"
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