That Adonis is Mine!
84 Shawn Edward?
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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84 Shawn Edward?

"Shawn Edward?"

He heard a clear and domineering voice called out his name. He answered the calling out in reflex.


He turned around and found out the voice source was from the girl he just thinking before, Sophie Shane.

"Give me any number."

Shawn felt like his genius brain just went down in the gutter. He couldn't think why she asked for a number.

".... 5?"

He gave a number without thinking. Sophie then pressed a number on her phone which he assumed his thoughtless answer.


A new notification received by Shawn. He averted his gaze and look at his newly received notification.

"Receive Successful Transfer : 5,000,000,000,000"

Shawn stunned.

'Where did this money come from ? Is it possible that...'

Shawn saw Sophie was looking at him as well. Like telepathy existed between them, he felt that Sophie nodded is like answering his question.

"Great, now your mine."

Sophie Shane give a million dollar smile before turn on her heels, walked away from the dumbfounded, trillion richer man. Her voice was low that only him could heard her. Watching her back, walking back to her seat gave a sense of longing to him.

With a trillion amount on his account, there isn't anyone that could outbid Sophie's bid. So, the lady grouping near Shawn gradually to leave. The fresh meat was taken by the Queen, who are them to resist.
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Plus, who could outbid a trillion ?!

No one.
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