That Adonis is Mine!
80 Auction
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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80 Auction

"You said you registered me for WHAT?!"

Sophie raised her voice as she talking on phone with her father.

"As I said, I registered you to be auctioned for tonight event."

"You're selling me off?!"

After long conversation with her father, Sophie designed her fate to be auctioned later tonight.

'No wonder dad insisted me to come tonight !'

She felt her brother worried gaze fell on her. Looking at him, she knew now the call her brother received previously was from their father. She just mentioned she would stand by Vincent earlier, heck she's now dragged into it too. How laughable.

Then the fundraising event started smoothly. The event host started with welcoming speech, invited the mayor came on stage for welcoming speech, performances and more. The event proceed smoothly through the night until they reached the awaited event.


"Unlike previous year, this year auction will totally blow your mind off."

The host make an intentional pause to reel in the audience to maximum the tension.

"Tonight, you would not bidding for an item but….."

He took another pause and the crowd began to whispers, wondering what.

"A 12 hours of someone's time!"

And he dropped the bomb. The crowd began to be wild and media having a field trip. Never ever an event would auction someone's half day time as a method to raise fund. Then they all thought of something, who's time are they going to sell off!

Looking at the excitement, the host began to explain how the auction works. The process or rules are simple; winner is the one paid the most within the stipulated time, winner can only win the bidding once and must be bidding against opposite sex.

Meaning, one person can bid whoever she/he wanted but must be opposite sex and within the bidding time. If she/he win the bid, she/he could not bid anyone else anymore. And 70% of the bidding amount would be donated to the cause.

The rest 30%? That will be kept by the person as honorarium.

Listening to the host's explanation, everyone became excited to know who could they bid a 12 hours from. All invited guests are prominent persons, people with money to spend. And if the "item" are desirable, spending money like water isn't an issue.
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