That Adonis is Mine!
79 City W Charity
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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79 City W Charity

A black limousine stopped in front from main entrance of City W Centre or CWC where a fundraising charity event, City W Charity, were held by the city council and collaboration with several bigshot companies. A doorman opened the car door and stepped aside while flashes of lights snapped at every angles by the cameraman and reporters began to make commentary as invited guests began to arrive.

Vincent walked out the car, smoothen his black tailored slim fitted jacket before nodded his head as a welcoming gesture. The crowd goes wild. Vincent was named in the YZ Desirable Bachelor and ranked second. The first belongs to the main lead of course, Shawn Edward.

He then turned his body aside and held his right hand out. Another round of camera flashes, hoping to capture a newsworthy picture. A long yet petite white hand reached out to Vincent's hand from the inside the car. A graceful movement was displayed as Sophie exited the car.

Dressing up in deep emerald trumpet dress and black high heels, Sophie gave a smile before walking in together with Vincent. They walked together on the red carpet, left their signature as gesture support to the event, posed for the media and headed toward the red carpet emcee.

He then welcomed the siblings and showered them with greetings and flattery. He asked about the attire they donned, as for the attire for the event were tailored by panel seamstress where the payments will be channel to the charity bodies. Thus, the seamstress able to showcase their talent while invited guests dress to contribute.

After a while, both Sophie and Vincent thanked the emcee and went into the convention centre. Inside, they went into their designed table and took a seat. Steward and stewardess served free flow drinks, arrived guests spend time mingling with each other while waiting for the event to commerce in another half an hour.

Vincent who seated at Sophie's right side answered a call and as he listen to the conversation, obvious frown was seen on his face. After a short while, he ended the call and sigh. Noticing her brother changes of emotion, Sophie moved slightly closer to Vincent.

"What happen?" Sophie inquired.

"Nothing much."

Looking at Vincent reluctantly to answer her, Sophie didn't push it too much. Instead, she mentioned that she offer her assistance anytime for him. Vincent was grateful with the kindness and dotes more at his generous beautiful little sister.

Right afterwards, Sophie's phone buzzed and it came from her father. She answered the call and like her brother previously, she also frowned. Flustered, Sophie unconsciously raised her voice in her call.

(╬ Ò﹏Ó) "You said you registered me for what?!"
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