That Adonis is Mine!
75 Let“s talk business
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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75 Let“s talk business

Entering the hidden 99th level of EDEM, Shawn make his way to the comfortable sofa with John tailing behind him. But instead sitting on the sofa, John went towards the two door fridge that full of food. He took a box of cherries and a can of soda.

"Anything?" John asked without turning.

A low grunt heard from the sofa. John then took another can of soda and closed the fridge door. He went to the sink and gave the cherries a clean wash before placed it on a plate. He took two glasses of ice cubes and brought everything to the sofa, placed on the coffee table.

John open one can at a time and sound of refreshing hiss were heard. He pour the content into the glasses and gave each a short swirl. He then squeezed a few red cherries into one of the glasses and gave it another swirl. A make do cherry soda.

(  ̄▽ ̄)[] [](≧▽≦ )

He placed a glass in front of Shawn with a low thunk. Shawn who had his mind elsewhere concentrated at the glass. He reached out his hand, lifted the glass close to his mouth and took a sip.


John give a heartfelt laugh as he looked at Shawn comical expression. Out of all flavor of foods in the world, Shawn can't stand with sour one. Sure, he can eat spicy ramen but not kimchi. He had absolutely low tolerance for anything sour.

Though John dotes on Shawn in numerous occasion, he would prank Shawn once in a while - usually whenever Shawn was under the weather. That is the only time where he would bring his guard down and vulnerable.

Looking at the back of Shawn that was swishing his mouth with water, John found himself remembering the past. He remembered how he prank Shawn for the first time and that turned out completely out of control. But that will be story for later.

When Shawn came back with another bottle of cold water, John could see the vigor in his eyes.

'Ah, he's back to normal.'

Shawn sat down, reached out his previously pranked drink and pushed it closer to John. He also pushed the plate of cherries to the side and placed the orange folder on the middle of the table.

"Let's talk business."
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