That Adonis is Mine!
72 Done having fun
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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72 Done having fun

Sophie left her parents house the next morning after breakfast. Coming back from her parent house, she felt lighter. Ever since she regained her lifetime memories, she guarded herself from everyone - especially towards David.

But after what happened yesterday, her years of collecting indisputable evidence against him felt wasted. Her family happily agreed to annul her engagement. If she knew that her family strongly agreed, she would had dissolved it the second she regained her memories!

The news about dissolved engagement between Sophie Shane and David Blake spread high and low, made certain people reacted differently. When John heard about it, he called Vincent and jested Vincent would now having tough time chasing flies away - now that Sophie is available in the market.

When Lily heard about it, she was glee in happiness. She received a text from David, when for a candle light dinner and spend the rest of her night rolling naked on the bed. But when she woke up the next morning, instead of finding David sleeping next to her, she found herself left by herself and David was unreachable for days.

When Shawn heard about the news, he acted normal. He was there when David declared it, but he somehow felt complicated. To be truthful, he was indeed delighted that the engagement was abrogated - Sophie is now single and flirting with her would be fine.

But he dislike the thought of someone else flirting with her. She is his to flirt and tease! Heck, he even wanted to pursue Sophie openly and to finally able to confess his years of longing.

However, Shawn found himself unable to do so.

Shawn unable to come clean about himself. He still yet to uncover the truth behind his parent death and having enemies in the dark concerned him much. He much willing to bare the pain of losing Sophie to someone else instead of losing Sophie forever.

So he make a promise - to woo Sophie after he finished hunt down his enemies. Unfortunately, at that point of time, Shawn didn't know that this is a promise he unable to keep.

And when Sara heard about the news, she called her best friend for gossip catching up session. Sophie on another side of the call, answered her long detailed interrogation and promise for a lunch date on next weekend which went almost perfect - except for Lily intrusion and demanding to know David's whereabout after he been missing for a week. Sophie ignored Lily and left the restaurant with Sara and drove to another place.

If the Blakes kept silent on David's disappearance proved that it was related to someone powerful in the underworld - the Lord. Her first suspect was her brother, Vincent but it was not his style so she was doubtful. Sophie stare Sara in the eyes, saw a twinkling hidden in her deep black eyes. Sophie curved her lips up and gave a light cuckles.

"Just make sure to return him when you're done having fun. "

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