That Adonis is Mine!
70 Done deal!
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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70 Done deal!

"How long have you knew, Sophie?" Vincent asked.

"I've suspected you may related with the Underworld, but I had never confirmed it out."

"So, you just baited me?"

"...and I successfully caught a big powerful fish! Hahaha"

Sophie playfully bantered with Vincent, sharing stories about her team and how she managed to find such a gem. Vincent elseway shared his trial, succession with former Lord and how he became the Underworld Lord of City N, the Black Tortoise.

"Ah, so Genbu is your team codename."

Every Lord have their own team or force and each carries their own codename. Sophie now confirmed her assumption, the indebted customers in her previous life were his brother retainers. Perhaps he told them to help watch out her before his sudden death.

'This brother of mine is too good! Best brother ever!'

"Sophie, do you want me to train tose kids?"

"Deal! Done deal!"

Sophie answered him at once. How could she missed the chance to let her team to train under the Lord. Plus, she could utilized the Genbu information network to search the mastermind behind the attempted bombing previously.

"Did you know something happened during EDEM event last month, my Lord?"

Though Sophie asked Vincent playfully, he could detest the weight of her question. He scanned her room for a while, contemplating to answered her or not because she wanted to know the answer from the Black Tortoise, not Deputy CEO of Shane Co.

"No worries, I swept clean this room just before you came. Plus I have this."

Sophie point a decoration stone in the middle of the table - a camouflage built-in device that jamming any devices from listening in their conversation. Vincent took a few minutes to check the decoration stone and amazed the talent behind the item.

"Do you meant the possible homicide of Mr Sebastian ?"

"Mr Sebastian? Who?"

"You not talking about the death of Mr Sebastian?"

"No. I don't even know who Mr Sebastian is."

"So, what event are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about the attempted bombing incident in the hotel."


"....Oh, you don't know? Hehehehe..."

(*/▽\*) 'Sh*t, I made a mistake.'
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