That Adonis is Mine!
68 Tell me yours and I tell you mine
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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68 Tell me yours and I tell you mine

Sophie stayed for the night in her parent house. When she got re-live her life after a week of high fever in City S couple of years back, she decided to be independent for two reason. First, in order to avoid her family noticed her abrupt changes. One can't point on changes in people they not be in constant contact.

Second, to ensure her family remained in the dark in her route to change the future. All information she recalled were fate-changing, thus she need to ensure everything were under her control so it didn't divert much. That is how she able to gather her team under her family radar.

A knock was heard, she answered the door and saw Vincent standing outside her room. She knew that he would look for her after he read thru her compiled documentation on David. Well, who won't be surprised reading such in depth information that could rival underworld information network.

Vincent entered Sophie room after she invited her in, going to the balcony and seat down at one of the lounge chair like he used to. Sophie brew a fresh cup of tea and served it with some cookie she kept in her room.

"You have anything to ask me, brother?"

Vincent didn't response. Instead, he took his phone out, snapped a flat lay of his cup of tea and cookies before posted it in his social media with a status, 'Sibling ❤ offering', while tagging Sophie account, then put it aside.

"Anything you wanted to share, Sophie?" Vincent asked instead - totally ignoring Sophie's shocked face at his action. His question brought her focus back, thus made her ignore Vincent previous action.

"How about you, brother? Anything you wanted to share to me?" Sophie grinned.

"Tell me yours, then I tell you mine."

"Fine. What you wanted to know, brother?"

"That document on David, how did you get that?"

Vincent asked in seriousness. Sophie knew that he would be asking that and she trust her brother would react to her in less dramatical way. So she told him about her team - five orphans young kids she took under her wing and how she saved them previously. She told him about how she tasks them to keep David under surveillance and all.

After a lengthy explanation, Vincent contemplated with new information he just received. After taking everything in, he asked Sophie in solemnity.

"How long did you knew David was having an affair behind your back?"

Sophie thought of the day when she regained her previous life memories.

"Three years ago."

"Three years?! And you let us know about it today?"

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