That Adonis is Mine!
65 This means war!
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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65 This means war!

Sophie made a call to her team with a short instruction, she wanted everything on David to be concluded and send to her in 15 minutes. After the call, she called Butler Dean to ask if her parents at house or not. She needed to tie any losing end after her abrupt ended engagement with David.

After receiving a affirmative response from Butler Dean, Sophie speeded ahead to reach her house. After a short drive back to her parents house, Sophie parked her car at the driveway, gave her keys at Butler Dean and made a beeline to family room.

Inside, she found that not only her parent, Vincent also seated and waited for her. She gave a warm hug to her parents and Vincent, then took a seat next to her brother, opposite her parents.looking at his sister that reluctant to talk about the topic, he spoke of it bluntly.

"I heard you had disagreement with your fiance, no, ex-fiance at Sapphire Mall, Sophie?"

"You know, brother. You always amazed me with your information network. Always updated."

Sophie gave him two thumb up gesture. Her childish action gained a big smile on that icey look brother of hers and a head patted, which she annoyed yet happy inside. In her previous life, Vincent lost his life during the explosion. So she could only remembered her lack of interaction with her brother throughout her lifetime.

But there were few kind gentleman would helped her out here and there previously, claimed to help her because of their indebted to her deceased brother. From them she knew just how much doting her brother was to her - keeping her safe in silent.

Looking at how her parents lack of reaction, Sophie understood that her family had knew the matter in hand, which made it easier for Sophie to tell them everything.

"I'm annulling my engagement with David." Sophie stated her stand again.

"Have you thought things through, Sophie?" Jessica asked her daughter for confirmation.

"Yes, mother. I rather remained unmarried than marrying that stud horse."

Jessica nodded in concede even though she felt it was kinda wasted - years of feeling invested to nothing. Jessica stood up, went closer to Sophie and gave her a hug while patting her back.

"We're sorry dear. For making you go through all these alone."

That affectionate hug and sincere apologies warm Sophie's heart. She couldn't stop herself from remembering all the harshest life offered her previously. Lost herself in that warmth, she poured her fragile heart out.

Watching mother-daughter cuddled in tears and heartfelt made father-son pair nodded in agreement. It was fine for engagement to be broken, but only if it was done with respect and honour. Doing such in public, humiliating Sophie in such way...this means war!
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    《That Adonis is Mine!》