That Adonis is Mine!
64 On the curvy side
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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64 On the curvy side

Shawn like always, headed over to the plum blossom groove behind the schoolyard. It was a school day off and since there is a compulsory event in the afternoon, he reluctant to go out with his brother to the town.

He came to the groove with his laptop, surfing around the deep web, looking anything to spend his time at. His silent air were disturbed when he heard a soft angelic voice panting. He turned his head around looking for that familiar voice source.

He then found it - a young, beautiful junior girl named Sophie Shane. He knew her because of his brother John is a close friend with the girl's brother, Vincent Shane. Being a computer genius and observant he is, he hacked into the school server to check out his brother's friends background.

Sophie Shane. Class 1-A. Sister of Vincent Shane of 4-A. Had verbal engagement with David Blake of 3-B since childhood and recently had a formal engagement with him. 157 cm and 45 kg. Body measurement...he shouldn't mentioned it here but she is on the curvy side than her peers and have a lot of potential.

He had seen her here multiple of times and at every occasion she would either muttering to herself about David, David and more David. He felt rather disappointed that whatever going on her mind are all about David at first but later, he unsure when he thought otherwise.

He found himself attracted to herself that putting her full effort to make changes in order to suit David, to become a proper lady of the Blakes. She who was inept in musical arts pushes herself to learn piano and violin and became master of it. Sometimes she would bring her violin here and practise.

He sometimes found her sitting down and knitting a muffler, which he suspected for David. She would sometime made a call to her mother and share whatever encounter she had with David at that day.

But at all occasion, Sophie never realised that Shawn was there, looking at her. Even at that date she had with David. The memory that she treasured that belongs to her and David, was indeed shared with Shawn apparently.

But Shawn knew his feeling unwelcomed by her, specially when all her world revolves around David. So, he buried his feeling inside of him, kept the letter he found in a box together with old laptop he used during his school years at his old parents house.

And the current situation where he isn't the person he is now make it harder for him to pursue her, now that she no longer engaged to that scum. He need to resolve the mystery of his parent accident first before he could imagine a life together with her. He need to end everything with a knot first, afraid that if he didn't, worst ending might happened to Sophie or anyone else.

'I need to end this soon. Or I might lose her again.'
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    《That Adonis is Mine!》