That Adonis is Mine!
63 Little that she knew...
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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63 Little that she knew...

14 February or Valentine's Day are celebrated in full scale at YZ Elite School. The school was off for the day and in the evening, they organized a ball for students to socialize - open event that allowed participation from high school students until primary school students.

Since the participation for the event are compulsory, many young couple to go out in the morning with their partner for a short celebration. Sophie Shane isn't exception. She wake up hours earlier to prepare a small picnic for her and David.

She called her mother days earlier, to ask her opinion on what should she prepare for the picnic. What dishes should she cook, what gift should she buy for him. Every little thing she should take into consideration so that the picnic she organized would appeal to David.

She decided to make a tiny sandwiches with different filling, bite-sized fruits and delicious pudding as dessert. She also made a handmade chocolate in heart shapes with a writing 'Forever love you' on top. A romantic picnic under a hidden plum blossom groove behind school yard.

It was a month after their formal engagement party. They are qualified couple and celebrating Valentine together was a must, is what Sophie thought. She called David around 10 in the morning of February 14, after waiting for him an hour at the groove.

She called him the night before to remind him about their date but it was cut short by David. But she managed to get the reminder across, yet today David still haven't arrived after the appointed time at 9 am.

Thinking that David might came across bad situation, Sophie called David persistently until he answered the call at noon. He answered the call groggily, indicated he just woke up. David requested to postpone the picnic to later date but Sophie insisted for him to join her today. She wanted to spend time with him today.

After a few groan and grumble, he agreed to stop by for a while. Sophie waited until David arrived around 2 pm, but he didn't stay long. He took a small bite here and there and left with Sophie's gift, a cross pendent, and letter without giving anything in return.

But Sophie didn't mind any of that. To spend 30 minutes after waiting for hours for David was considered a mission accomplished for her.

Little that she knew that David didn't even considered her as his lover or couple.

Little that she knew that when David cut her call short the night before was because he was spending time with Lily.

Little that she knew that the gift and letter she gave to David was thrown away the minute he leave the groove.

Little that she knew that Shawn was there at the groove and saw everything since the minute she came to the groove and setting up the picnic mat.

Little that she knew that Shawn took the gift that David thrown out and kept it.

Little that she knew that Shawn had fallen in love with her and always been ever since.

Little that she knew...
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    《That Adonis is Mine!》