That Adonis is Mine!
62 You deserved better
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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62 You deserved better

Watching David left with Lily stung Sophie's heart. For a lifetime, she wondered if David did ever loved her. Now she knew, he never did. The one he loved was Lily all this time. She laughed at her own previous stupidity.

She didn't realised her tears fallen as she lost herself in her memories. But Shawn misunderstood her, thinking that Sophie was devastated with her broken engagement with David. Knowing her heart was for another person pained him much.

Shawn raised his hand and cover her eyes.

"Stop looking, he's gone."

Sudden darkness jolted Sophie back to her conscious. She felt Shawn mood dejected, that made her baffled, wondering why. Little that she knew that she was the cause of it. Shawn then took out his white handkerchief and handed out to Sophie. Sophie on another hand confused with his act.

"Wipe it up. You deserved better."


Then Sophie aware that she shed tear for David unnoticedly. Felt like her action was ridiculous, she took the handkerchief and wipe any trace of weakness off her face. A scent of rosewood and tint of tobacco fleet from the white handkerchief, which made her scorn.

"You smoke?" Sophie asked bewildered.

"Yes. You don't like it?"

"I hate it. I prefer long-life man, not suicidal one."


Sophie mentioned that she would wash the handkerchief first before she return it back, which Shawn gladly accept. They then separated to their each way, Sophie left to return her parents house to tell them about her broken engagement while Shawn went back to Moonlight Apartment.

On his way down to the parking area, Shawn stopped near a trash can. He took a while thinking, where he came onto a decision - he pulled out his cigarette box and throw it out. On his way to meet John, he made a short stop at a pharmacy - getting himself a quit-smoking prescription.

He reached Moonlight Apartment, took out his keys and opened his house door open. His thought was running all over on today event - a short date with Sophie Shane and witnessing her arguing with her fiance. Scratched that, her former fiance.

But what made his thought linger was watching she in tears. She wasn't supposed to be in pain, after spending years making effort towards David. She supposed to have a happy ending, like how a fairy tales goes.

Shawn touched his cross necklace pendant and his thought flying to the past.
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    《That Adonis is Mine!》