That Adonis is Mine!
61 We“re done
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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61 We“re done

Lily who stood behind David was enraged when she saw Sophie slapped her lover in front of her. She took a big step ahead, preparing to launch an attack. Shawn who noticed Lily's intention again pull Sophie to his back, placing him in between Sophie and the couple.

Lily clenched her jaws in anger. (눈_눈)

"Don't be a coward after slapping people, Sophie."

Lily quickly check David for any injury. The slapped sounded loud and painful, so her heart felt painful for him too. Looking back at Sophie nonchalantly face made her fumed in rage.

"You are not qualified to be his fiancee, Sophie."

"Ah, and I supposed you do, Miss Lily?"

"At least I'm not malicious and dirty girl like you."

The word 'dirty' was her bottomline. Having a lifetime pleasuring different kind of people, though she return to her lifetime before that dark years, she always felt herself ain't chaste like everyone else. Yes, she still a virgin lady, but her knowledge in sexual relationship exceeded any pure virtuous noble lady.

Shawn observed Sophie's changes of expression felt rather curious on why such slander perturbed her that much.

'Maybe she hide secrets like I do'

Sophie moved herself from Shawn's protective back and stood in front of Lily, then slapped her like how she did to David. Hard.

"You called me 'dirty' ? You should knew better which one of us is the 'dirty' one"

(╬ Ò﹏Ó)

Slapping Lily relieved Sophie accumulated rage and overwhelming emotions. She able to think up straight and reeled in her thought back. David on another hand found himself watching his lover was slapped dumbfounded. He felt that this 'Sophie' was foreign to him.

Sophie he knew was 'yes-man' person, cater everything he wanted to the dot. His 'Sophie' was a person who loved him the most, doing everything he wanted without any question. A girl that wanted the best for him, followed him everywhere for years. That kind of 'Sophie' he knew.

Who is this?

David try to think at what point did this 'Sophie' changed, but when he saw Lily in tears, he threw his thought on Sophie out of his mind and condemned her in being ruthless. He saw the red marks on her cheek, David lifted her in princess style and marched to the closest clinic available for checkup. Before he walked away, David turned around and spoke in ire.

"You and me, Sophie. We're done."
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    《That Adonis is Mine!》