That Adonis is Mine!
60 Done being nice
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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60 Done being nice

As Shawn moved closer to Sophie outside Angel's Heart, two pairs of eyes were staring at them. They weren't expected to come across Sophie here in the Sapphire Mall, or being with Shawn Edward.

David somehow felt irritated watching Sophie standing close to handsome person like Shawn. He felt like if he would missed something in his life if he remained silent. Thus, he walked straight to her and yanked Sophie's arm toward him.

Sophie that was dumbfounded with Shawn witty remark was jerked to her right side and landed to a hard solid flesh. She reflexly pushed the hard surface she bumped onto and took a step back.

"Why are you here?"

Sophie heard familiar voice as she gained her bearing - David's.

Her mood immediately turned sour - her 'date' was interrupted by this stupid jerk!

"What is it for you? Why are you here?" Sophie reply in full annoyance.

Sophie word added oil into the burning fire inside David. He raise his hand intended to slap her like how it was previously but Sophie aware that he wanted to be physical with her, so she prepare to retaliate.

The previous slapped she endured was only because she planned to use that to approach Michael House. Nothing more and nothing less. For her to let him trample over her again, like how it was in her previous life - you wish!

Once, shame on you. Twice, shame on me.

Like any gentleman, how could Shawn let anyone acted violence on women, specially when it towards such gorgeous lady like Sophie Shane. He halted David flying hand in mid air and released it after shoved it back.

"A real man don't hit women."

Two different men yet both said the exact same word. That just face slapped David for lack of virtue. Sophie without waiting, just rub salt into the wound with her words.

"Guess you're not much of a man, David."

"Hah, like I have to proof my manhood to a slut like you."


Unable to contain her anger, Sophie slapped him once with full might. Red mark appeared on his flawless white skin. Being humiliated for a lifetime was enough. Her eyes gleamed in both hatred and anger. She's done being nice.

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