That Adonis is Mine!
58 Why I waking up naked on your bed?
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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58 Why I waking up naked on your bed?

Sophie face redden, she quickly lowered her head down. Shawn noticed her embarrassment continue talking sweet to her.

"Are you shy?"


"You're too cute that it's distracting."


A waitress accidentally place the plate with a force after overhearing Shawn choices of word. Sophie jolted to the sudden sound of plates lifted her head up and watched the waitress apologies for the sudden sound and left.

Sudden intrusion from the waitress killed off Shawn teases and the atmosphere between them was harmony. Sophie and Shawn enjoyed each other companion and dessert. After then Sophie remembered something in the past.

"Shawn, can I ask you something?" Shawn gave her a nod.

"Why did I wake up on your bed last time?"

He took a sip from his glass of iced coffee before answering her.

"What did you remembered?"

"I remembered having a drink at AquaBlue. My memories blurred afterwards. Next thing I able to recalled was waking up on your bed."

Shawn recalled his memory as he listened to Sophie. He actually saw Sophie from his seat in second floor. He didn't recognized who she was before, just found that she looked similar to someone in his memory from afar.

He could see everything from his seat at second floor. He saw a guy seated at the end of the bar counter giving a signal to the bartender before he served the drink to her. He noticed her lack of awareness after consumed the drink which he suspected was spiked.

After receiving information regarding Sebastian relationship with his father, he walked down to ground floor to leave AquaBlue. But when he noticed the guy sitting at the end counter pestering over the drugged lady, he remembered how close resembled she was with her, Shawn decided to interfere.

After saving the drugged damsel, he try waking her up but unsuccessful. He ponder if he should open her purse to find her address, but he gave that thought a stop. It's rude to open another person's personal item.

All he knew was her name is Sophie Shane, CEO of Staller, from the accomplice bartender. After knowing her name and thought her relationship with Vincent, Shawn decided to take her to his home. He then recapped whole situation again to Sophie minus his meeting with his informant.

Listening to Shawn explanation made Sophie curious on something else.

"But that didn't explained why I waking up naked on your bed?!"

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