That Adonis is Mine!
54 Are you stupid?
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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54 Are you stupid?

Hearing his mother questioning his relationship with Lily, David slightly nodded. Alvin that was listening in their conversation unable to held his sudden rage slapped his hand on the armrest of his single seater sofa.

"Are you stupid? You were engaged to Sophie, why in the world are you having an affair?"

Alvin is a upright traditional type of person. He put honesty and respect above all, honesty and respect in dealing business and in relationship. He didn't expect David to have an affair when he already engaged to Sophie.

David knew his father would never accept his relationship with Lily, but he is done hiding it. Why should he hide his lover from public. Lily is his and he belong to her. The one should be walking down the aisle should be and only be Lily.

"I never love her, father. I never did."

David trying to justify his act. But that provoked Alvin more.

"You were engaged to Sophie for years, David. Why are you telling us now?"

"Yes, David. What your father said was correct. You and Sophie were engaged for years. How could you tell us now that you love someone else?"

"But I saying this now right. I will not marry Sophie. I love Lily."

Alvin kept his silent, disappointed with his son. He thought hard, contemplated everything until he reached a decision. Wilna reached out her hand and hold Alvin's hand and give him silent encouragement.

"Have you seriously thought through everything, David?"

"Yes, father. I want to break my engagement with Sophie. I want to marry Lily."

"Even what you face in future are hardship?"

"For Lily, I can face anything."

Looking at his son determination, Alvin soften. Perhaps engagement promise between him and Albert is selfish. He should consider his son feeling as well. He felt a tinge of regret - he already considered Sophie as his daughter in law. He proud of Sophie, a young successful lady with great attitude and virtue.

Overwhelm with his feeling, he released a heavy sigh.

"Fine, I'll talk to Albert about this."

"Thank you, father, mother."

"Remember David, you wanted this. So for whatever future holds, it was you who decided it that way."

"Understood, father. I won't regret my decision."
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