That Adonis is Mine!
51 Too vulgar
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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51 Too vulgar

A week have passed since EDEM's annual gala. Sophie and her team were still laying low to avoid any attention from the 'talented insane' bomber or anyone that responsible to such plan.

Sophie spend her weekend in her place in Starlight Apartment. She switched on her laptop and logged on onto a secured line for group chat, changed her id name before starting.

Found My John Doe: Status update.

Follow My Lead: Boss, no one is responding to out bait in deep web. Underworld also silent.

Beauty With Brain: I suspect they knew we are fishing them out.

Follow My Lead: Should we change our bait?

Reading update from Abby and Uno made Sophie thinking hard. Catching the bad guy wasn't her forte as she had not faced this situation before in her previous life. Well, her success today was from the knowledge she gathered from her previous "customer". What industry to be involved on, what major tender to be bid on, what dirt on whom. Heck she also knew what number to be bid at!

So, solving mystery is totally new to her. But she willing to do this for her John Doe, a.k.a her Adonis, Shawn Edward!

Follow My Lead: Boss?

Beauty With Brain: Boss? Are you there?

Found My John Doe: Yes, I'm here.

Talk To My Fist: Boss, did you went out for a poop?

Poisoning You Make Me Smile: Too vulgar, Wally. You should say boss taking a dump.

Talk To My Fist: But since boss was out for a short one, she should be taking a piss instead!

Poisoning You Make Me Smile: Boss, you need me to make something good for your bowel?

Found My John Doe: ….

'The heck is these kids talking about excretion?!'


Gilligan is Me: Boss, I have finished collecting everything you wanted on David.

Beauty With Brain: When should we start to deploy our next mission, boss?

Welcoming changes of topic, Sophie replied the chat happily. After confirming everything she needed to fight her worst nightmare, Sophie signed out from the chat and shutting down the laptop. Sophie excited waiting to see how future changes from now onwards.
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