That Adonis is Mine!
48 Satoshi
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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48 Satoshi

A lady in loose light yellow blouse and black pants, short wavy haircut, holding a plastic bag from nearest grocery shop. She moved closer to Satoshi where he took a step aside, giving enough space for Satomi to push the door opened and entered.

Sebastian followed her in, and found himself back to the past. Everything was still the same, minus the lack of customer. The billiard table still there, the long counter was still there. It seems like the time froze here.

"Take a seat, Bas."

Sebastian moved closer, took a seat in front of Satomi that was preparing something behind the counter.

"I thought Sakura was closed?" Sebastian asked.

"It is. I closed it when I moved away a year after you guys graduated."

"So Sakura is now opened?"

Satomi placed a cocktail in front of him, the same one that Sebastian usually ordered before.

"No. Sakura is still closed. I opened this just for today."


Before Satomi get to answer Sebastian, a hoarse, raspy voice heard over the back door behind the counter. The same voice that called Sebastian to come over to Sakura a hour ago.


He moved closer to Satomi, giving her a look and she then nodded and left the area from the door Satoshi entered. A man in his late 40s, but he looked older, weary. His eyes bare all the stress accumulated over the years. Satoshi once who was a free man, enjoying everything at each moment, now became the man chained with pressure and weariness.

"Glad to see you okay, Bas." Satoshi spoke after few minutes of silent since Satomi left.

"Where were you, Tosh?"

"Here and there."

"That's it. You always moving around. Why?"

The lack of response from Satoshi irked Sebastian, thus he exploded. Shooting questions after questions. Venting all his emotions over their none communication ever since the death of Daniel. Perhaps there was something in his drink that make him emotional. Maybe the dust made his eyes red. Satoshi listened to Sebastian barrel of questions and remarks in silent. Sebastian took a deep breath and sigh. He stared deep into Satoshi's pair of eyes.

"So, why are you calling me here for?"
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