That Adonis is Mine!
45 Dead serious
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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45 Dead serious

She imagined herself in a white bridal dress with David waiting for her at the altar. After saying their vows, David would kiss her on her lips, locking their lips together. They first kiss. She imagined herself staying in their house, preparing meals while waiting David to return from home where she would say, "welcome back" to him. Then she would be pregnant then became a mother, where her parents would became grandparents and dotes on her kids. Then they would be happily ever after.

But no.

As she was staring on her reflection, something weird happened.

Sophie found herself staring hard at her reflection on the lake that somehow shown her a collective of images. An image of what she assumed was her marriage, an image of of a person that looks like David kissing another person. An image of a flash news on an explosion. An image of burial.

A lot of indescribable images that stuck on her head and played it repeatedly, on and on. Sophie began to felt flustered, agitated. She cannot stop herself from seeing, thinking bout the images. Some of the images were gruesome and some were totally indecent. But most of the images were highlighting herself as the main.

And she blackout.

Vincent was looking for Sophie saw her fainting, quickly brought her back to the villa. The Shanes private doctor were called to check up Sophie, which they conclude as a viral fever. The body temperature spikes here and then, shivering hard. It lasted for a week until suddenly Sophie woke up feeling all better.

She wake up in tear and gave her family a hug and repeatedly saying 'sorry' and 'won't let you down'. The whole family thought that apologize perhaps due to her sudden outburst at the patio, so they ignored her words.

Little that they know that the apologies wasn't for the past incident at patio, but for the future for the 'past' Sophie. The curent 'Sophie' is going to take her second chance in life seriously.

Dead serious. (×﹏×)
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