That Adonis is Mine!
43 Here there, snap snap
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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43 Here there, snap snap

A luxurious private jet landed safely at private land outskirt of City S. Before the jet door opened, a row of trained personnels in black suit queued and waited for the passengers to offboard - guiding them to enter the modified and bulletproof limousine and drive them to their destination, Villa Lakeview.

True to its name, Villa Lakeview located near the Red Lake, a famous tourist attraction in City S. A modern 7 bedroom with fully ensuite bathroom each, Villa Lakeview provides a full panoramic view of the lake that just simply fantastically beautiful.

Though the Shanes were few generations clans where hundreds of rules and traditions were passed down from one head to another, Albert always emphasize one to his family - Family First. One should always celebrate something together as a family, no exception. Thus, the Shanes went for a family holiday annually.

This year, they went to their newly bought holiday villa, Villa Lakeview. Arriving to the villa, the Shanes took a short nap while their maids preparing the meals. After a hour rest, Sophie went down to the living room where Vincent and her parents already seated at the dining table.

"Sorry, have you all waited long?"

"No dear. We all just seated. Come, let's eat."

Sophie came down and seated next to her brother, opposite her mother - her usual place. The family ate in peace while sharing their thought here and there, keeping the conversation on.After lunch, Sophie and her family decided to take a short walk around the villa.

Since the villa located amidst the lush of gardens and near promicity to the Red Lake, the walk was totally enjoyable and 'Instagram'-worthy. Like any gen Alpha, Sophie took out her phone and started to selfie.

Turn to her left, snap.

Turn to her right, snap.

A pout, snap.

Here there, snap snap.

Vincent who was walking behind of Sophie perplexed with her action, then sigh shortly afterwards. Like any good brother he is, Vincent offer to take picture for Sophie which Sophie happily agreed. Well, no would reject a free cameraman, right..

Sophie gave a bright smile while facing the camera, snap.

She hold the hem of her white knee high dress like she trying to curtsy, snap.

She turn her back to the camera, snap.

After hundreds of shutter snapped here and there, Sophie finally done. She walked closer to Vincent where he handed over her phone back to her hand and walk over to their parents that was cuddling while sitting at the lakefront patio.
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