That Adonis is Mine!
42 If she would be given a chance
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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42 If she would be given a chance

John Doe came to Sophie's life unexpectedly. He requested her services but doing nothing with her, except for full hours of hugging. She thought it was one time request from that unusual man, but he came every three days and always requested her.

He would silently hug her, with clothes on and left when the times up.

Every single time.

She once undress in front of him, expecting an action from him - but it was pointless. He would stare her body, pull blankets off the bed and wrapped her in it like a sushi roll. Then continue to hug her from the back.

So, she let him be.

Until this one time, he came in drunk. The smell of alcohol was too strong that she thought he might be bathing in it instead. She tucked him in, then left to the bathroom and return with a basin of water.

Planning to give John a body wipe but it turn into a bed exercise instead. When he gained conscious, he paid her double and left urgently. She didn't saw him for days. But when he returned, something bout him changed.

He begin to talk to her, told her stories about his burned scar on his torso, bout his first love. They sometimes talks about 'what if'. Without her noticing it, he became her pillar of support.

If she would be given a chance, she will pay her gratitude to John.

If she would be given a chance to redo, she will prevent her brother's death and her family downfall.

If she would be given a chance to revenge, she will make David pay.

If she could have a second try in her life…..

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