That Adonis is Mine!
39 Totally talently insane!
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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39 Totally talently insane!

After the introduction, the trio clicked instantaneously. After a short while, they moved into the ballroom and Vincent noticed Sophie turning her head left and right. He lowered his head a bit and moved closer to her ears.

"What are you looking for, Sophie?" His voice startled Sophie.

"Nothing. Just wondering why didn't I see Mr Shawn anywhere."

John that was listening in answered Sophie.

"Shawn received an emergency call, so he left. Is there anything you need from him?"

Sophie turned her head side to side, then glanced the black leather dress watch on her brother wrist.

'Perhaps that is when he received the call that saved his life'.

The rest of the event went smoothly and the guest dispersed gradually around 10 pm. Sophie kissed her brother goodbye and left the hotel with her modified black Toyota Century car.

When the car moved away from Samejima Hotel, partition separating the driver from the rear passenger compartment were lowered down. Uno. disguised as driver, made a call from his ear-in bluetooth to his genius tech friend.

His action triggered LED display television inside the car to be connected to a secured line and displaying Gilligan and Abby. Sophie that was nonchalantly leaned against the seat with her eyes watching the scene outside the window, turned her head to the screen and gestured them to start their report.

"Boss, I've disassembled the bomb. Even though the explosive used were low level ones, the wiring and mechanical used were completely sophisticated. Totally talently insane! "

Gilligan changed screen to display the cross section of the bomb. The bomb was quite small, one that can put into a lady clutches without any obvious bump. But the blast area was insanely large - two of those monsters able to blow up a grand hotel into debris.

"Do you find any maker sign, Gilligan?"

"Unfortunately no, boss."

Sophie paused for a while before giving out her command.

"Gilligan, dig whatever you can about the bomb and the maker. Go deep if you can. Abby, find any incident that have the same trace. I doubt this was the maker first time. Find me his trial run, go back 10 years if can. Tell everyone to remain low and stay safe. The bomb doesn't exploded and missing, they would definitely will come and investigate why."

"Understood." Both Gilligan and Abby replied.

"By the way boss. It seems that underworld is blacklisting the Blakes. What should we do?"

"When did this happened?" (・・ ) ?

"Around next month. Should we still continue our plan? "

Sophie nodded in agreement, then disconnect the connection afterwards. Uno rolled up the lowered partition and continue to drive Sophie home while she silently look out of the window, drifting her mind....
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