That Adonis is Mine!
37 Are you okay?
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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37 Are you okay?

Sophie gritted her teeth together, caged her anger inside. The pain on her left cheek burns. Her eyes blazed in rage and that make David infuriated. He raised his hand again, going for a second blow. Sophie backtrack but she now trapped between David and a wall. David raise up his hand again, aiming for another slap.

But before the David's hand landed on Sophie, another person's hand firmly grip his hand, halting the moving momentum. Sophie's lips curved upward in secret and disappear within seconds. David's turned his hand to see the person that stopped his hand with anger.

"A real man don't hit women."

A deep tone male voice resonance. Sophie inspect the man side profile that was standing in front of her - a black short hair and clean facial with high cheekbone and well defined jaws, and full pretty lips while his body giving out a stable and regal aura.

'What? He's wearing a lip balm?!'

Shocked by the discovery, her bright hazel phoenix eyes remained on his eyes, scrutinize that kissable lips. When the man's lips puckered as he talked, Sophie caught herself gulped down her own saliva.

'Bad Sophie. Bad Sophie.' (-‸ლ)

David was furious as he listened to the man's remark and rapidly retort in high voice,

"Mind your own business."

The man just scoffing on David's remark as he released his grip on David's hand.

"I'm against violence against women, that makes it my business."

"Who so you think you are? Superhero?"

"I don't need to be a superhero to save a damsel in distress."

"Listen here. I'm David Blake. This bi*th you trying to save is my fiancee. So, buzz off".

"Sir, I don't care what your relationship with the lady. What I know is that I don't allow any assault on women."

Lily that was standing behind him all this time grabbed David lightly by his arm. David restrained his anger as he finally noticed a small crowd surrounded them, nodding in agreement at that goody two shoe person remark. They are not willing to lose their face for this.

"I'll deal with you later." (`皿´#)

David spoken as leave them and get back to the ballroom with Lily following him. The crowd dispersed along with David's departure, leaving Sophie and her "hero".

"Are you okay?"
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