That Adonis is Mine!
35 We meet again
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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35 We meet again

Sophie retrain her train of thoughts and make a beeline to meet the CEO of Edward Empire, John Edward. She still have one more task to do before she can conclude her mission tonight is a successful!

Noticing her brother talking to John Edward, Sophie move at slower pace but Vincent already seen her, lifted his hand up to gesture Sophie to come closer. When Sophie reach closer, Vincent introduce her to his close friend, John.

"Meet my little sister and Stellar CEO, Sophie Shane. Sophie, this is John Edward, EDEM CEO."

"Hello, I'm Sophie Shane. Nice to meet you."

Sophie extend her hand out.

"Hello Sophie. Finally able to meet Vincent's dearest younger sister."

Extending his hand to handshake with Sophie while playfully tease his friend.

Vincent heard John tease just scoffed it away. John and Vincent were close friend since school years since they were classmate throughout study year in YZ Elite School. Though they been friends for years, Vincent never introduce John to Sophie formally, in fact Vincent would hide his precious sister away from all eyes.

Listening to Vincent and John repartee, Sophie felt a bit of melancholy. In her past, the death of John take its toll on Vincent, made him more aloof and non-approachable person. He struggled to find the person behind of incident and became one of the reason that leads to downfall of the Shanes, aside from her own stupidity.

As the three of them chats, Sophie saw Shawn approaches from John right side. Wearing a black satin silk facing notch lapels tailored tuxedo with white dress shirt and pairs of 'EE' engraved cuff links and tie.

'My adonis is perfectly handsome!' (❤ω❤)

John noticed Shawn come in close, he decided to introduce him to the Shanes. But as Shawn was introduced to the Shanes, his pair of blue eyes twinkle and yet to leave from looking at Sophie donning an elegant off shoulder white and soft sky blue lace with black subtle pleat details and black self-tie waist with a gold floral detail that matches her white with black lace 5 inch hollow out open toe high heels.

Shawn released his gaze upon Sophie to the cold icey man standing next to her and extend his hand for a handshake and exchange plasentry, which Vincent politely did the same as well. He then did the same to Sophie, but instead of releasing her hand after the shake, he pull Sophie closer that she accidentally bumped onto his hard chest while whisper softly to her ears,

"We meet again."
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