That Adonis is Mine!
34 May this resolve your regre
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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34 May this resolve your regre

The whole area turn quiet. Total silent. Sophie Shane just flush out Lily's face down the drain in the national TV by asking 'who she is' after Lily acclaimed they know each other previously. Alex smell a sizzling scandal, obviously trying to get it out.

"Miss Sophie, it seems you came together with Mr Vincent Shane instead?"

"Yes. We both represent Shane Co and Stellar accordingly and thank you Edward Empire for the invitation."

"Ah, so this why you didn't come with Mr David and he came with Miss Lily instead."

"Sorry, I don't know who Miss Lily is and David didn't invited me, so I came with my brother."

┐( ̄~ ̄)┌

Delivering her piece of mind, Sophie give a nod before she hold Vincent left arm and walked inside together. David's face turn black and Lily displayed her frustration upfront, forgetting her expression were captured by the cameraman.

The atmosphere turn awkward for Alex to continue interviewing David and his date, so he conclude his session and politely gesture the pair to enter the premise.

Inside the ballroom, the top and powerful people gathered around here and there. This is the time for people to exchange business card and extend their network. Well, bias is norm in business world. People usually give opportunity to people their know first before the rest. Thus, EDEM's event is the best platform to achieve that.

The event proceed with the entrance of the EDEM CEO, John Edward and his welcoming speech. Cheers and toasts heard here and there, a list of famous artist performed and the rest of the event proceed smoothly.

Sophie spend most of her time greets her partners, clients and acquaintances. She walked to open balcony for a fresh air. A light buzz heard from her silver and gold evening clutches, Sophie then retrieve her phone and answer her call.

"Boss, Uno found traces of explosive substances at two locations."

"Possible impact radius?"

"2 km wide. Whole hotel area will crushes down."

"Leave after disable the devices. Make sure no one notice it."

"Roger boss."

Sophie ended the call and exhaled softly. Looking at the city view, Sophie reminisced her moments where John Doe answered her question, 'The moment he wanted to redo' - to prevent EDEM's event explosion.

'May this resolve your regret.'

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