That Adonis is Mine!
33 Who are you?
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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33 Who are you?

January 14, 6.00 pm.

The main driveway and reception area of Samejima Hotel crowded with reporter crews from various of media station to capture the entrance of all invited guest list to EDEM annual gala. Camera flashes here and there. Reporters eager to interview all invited guest that attending black and white theme function.

Luxurious car drove in the driveway and the famous and powerful figure exit one by one. A loud cheer heard from the mass that awaits their idols as they reached the reception area and entered the venue.

David Blake exit from his car and camera flashes here and there. David curved his lips, smiling to the crowd before turned his body and held his hand up, awaits for his date to hold his before exit the car. Reporters awaits who they assume as Stellar CEO to accompany David as his date to exit his car.

But the one who exited wasn't the Queen, yet another unidentified guest. A brave soul reporter, Alex, came in closer to David and his date, deliver a pleasant greeting before start digging into David's "unknown" date.

"May we know who this lovely date of yours, Mr David? Because we were expecting Miss Sophie Shane to accompany you instead. "

"Well, Sophie unable to attend today event as my date. So, I'm here with our close friend instead, Miss Lily Watanabe.."

"Lily Watanabe? As in the Watanabe in antiques field, Watanabes?"

"Correct, Lily is the eldest daughter of the Watanabe. "

"Hello, I'm Lily Watanabe. Nice to meet you all."

"Hello Miss Lily. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?"

"Sure, ask away Alex."

"So, Miss Lily. How long have you known Mr David?"

"For couple of years. We met here and there quite some time."

Alex perplexed with Lily's answer that somehow seems a bit off as he personally felt that Lily trying to suggest something else with her answer. David engagement with Sophie Shane is a common knowledge, thus seeing David with someone else burn his reporting spirit up, to dig the truth.

"I assume Miss Lily know Miss Sophie Shane as well? Is that correct?"

"Yes. We met a few times."

As Alex wanted to continue to interview Lily and David more, he noticed the present of Sophie Shane entered the area. Alex was surprised as David mentioned before that Sophie unable to attend the gala. He waited Sophie to reach the reception area before inviting her to join the interview session together with David and Lily.

But before Alex got to ask Sophie regarding her attendance, Lily interrupted and asked Sophie first instead. Sophie glanced Lily up and down before asking,

"Who are you?" (・・ ) ?
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