That Adonis is Mine!
31 We gonna break them up!
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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31 We gonna break them up!

Vincent entered Albert's study room with a brown envelope in his hand and grim face.

"She will not marry that scum."

Vincent spoke after placed the envelope on the large dark wood freestanding desk. Albert in midst checking papers of proposal and signing documents uplift his head and put down his pen. Taking the envelope placed in front of him, he opened and read through it.

"Where do you get this?"


Albert remained silent and a trace of disappointment and sadness clouded his eyes. Albert subconsciously glance over to a white picture frame on his desk, a selfie picture of his family taken by Sophie when they went for holiday in the City S two years ago, a day before Sophie had a week long high fever.

"How can we break the engagement? Sophie won't accept that."

"I know. But that scumbag didn't deserve her. Sophie need someone who love her back, not this dirty stud horse."

"Hah, like I don't know you hated that kid ever since they were engaged, boy. You and your extreme doting on Sophie."

"And like you're not, dad."

A quiet awkward filled the room before vanish immediately after both of them giggles warmly. A silent agreement were made, Sophie only deserve the best and David doesn't make the cut!

We gonna break them up!

Vincent left the study room to his room and to make a call. In a few bit dial tone, the call was connected.

"Spread the news, we are blacklisting the Blakes."

"Should we withdraw immediately my lord?"

"No, withdraw slowly. I want them to suffer."

"As you wish, my lord."

Vincent ended the call swiftly while turned his whole body to face the window behind him as he lean on his desk.

''No one mess up with my little sister and get away with it'
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