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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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30 Who?!

After dessert been served and enjoyed pleasantly, the Shanes exited the area and moved to family room to continue their chatters.

"Sophie, how things going between you and David? You should invite him to come visit as well."

Jessica suddenly open a topic on David which Sophie unintentionally scoff as she listened to her mother talking. Looking at Sophie's disinterested face, Jessica became confius. She remembered how Sophie would became shy and docile whenever the topic on David were opened.

She once remembered how Sophie shared her story about her first Valentine Date with David at the hidden plum blossom groove during their school year at YZ Elite School. How she stumbled upon the area when she was walking aimlessly around the school compound and decided to share it with David as their secret place.

Sophie then arranged a picnic under the bloomed plum blossom, she cooked the meals personally and prepared a gift for David - a cross pendent that engraved her hidden message to him and a letter.

But that was the past. Now, she can't even remember the last time Sophie ever mentioned her fiance name. 'Just what happen between them?'

Vincent noticed how Sophie repel in answering Jessica's question thus helped her out a bit by mentioning the invitation from EDEM for an event next month.

"Sophie, would you like to go?" Albert ask after extending the invitation letter for Sophie to see.

"I'm got invited as well. Might as well we went together?"

"Stellar received one from EDEM? That's impressive, dear." Jessica chirped in as she listened to Sophie.

Receiving an invitation to EDEM's event is a big step for a 'newbie' company like Stellar even though Stellar belong to the Shanes. But this acknowledge Sophie's couple of years effort and everyone that work beneath her

"Are you bringing David as your date?" Vincent asked calmly, but his obvious clenched fist proof it otherwise. Noticed how distracted her doting brother is, Sophie hides her mischievous sight.

"Nope. I'm going with much handsome, high profile and gentleman than David."

Her whole family shocked and synchronously ask "Who".

Σ(⊙_⊙) Σ(⊙_⊙) Σ(⊙_⊙)

Sophie never ever acknowledge someone else better than David. If David have a fanclub, Sophie definitely be the '000001' fan of his. Whenever she got time to spare, she would follow David around, sticking to David like a hot glue. Sophie loves David to a point she worship him. But now there is someone better than David?!! Impossible!

Lazily Sophie point towards Vincent while giggling, " How else? Of course, my dearest brother!".
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