That Adonis is Mine!
27 In Bed, Sleeping
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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27 In Bed, Sleeping

A low grunt heard over the queen sized bed as a heinous melody alarm set off at 7 early in the morning. Out of habit, Sophie's hand reaches out towards the buzzing phone on her right side table.

A familiar texture run over her delicate fingers as she blindly feel the table top for her phone. Once she found it, she moved her index finger and swiped it to right, turning those demonic melody off.

As she retained her arms back to indulge herself with the comfy of her bed on Saturday morning, her phone vibrate and a call ringtones set off. A low groan released, calculating whether she should answer her phone or ignore it.

While she was wavering, the call ended. Sophie satisfy with the situation and decided to continue sleeping. But her drowsiness once again cut short when her phone rang for second time.

'Ignore it. I'm asleep. One sheep. Two sheep…..'

It seems that the caller insist to wake Sophie up as the call continuously to ring for few minutes.

'One hundred and ten sheep. One hundred and eleven sheep…. Arghhhh'


Sophie getting annoyed with the continuous call, lift herself up and reach her phone on the side table and irritatedly answered her call.

"Hello" Sophie spoke with a bit of high tone without looking to the caller id.

"Where are you?"

A familiar voice left the speaker, voice like dark brown velvet. Deep yet clear. A voice that may pregnant listener's ears without any gender discrimination. Lucky for Sophie, she have been immune to such voice since birth.

"Good morning, brother."

"Morning. Where are you?"

"In bed, sleeping. It's weekend, where do you expect me to be?"

"I'm expecting you to be at our parents house in 10 minutes."

"10 minutes, no way. 60 minutes."


"50! I'll bring mom's favourite too."

"Fine. Be quick."

Vincent ended the call without saying goodbye and Sophie hastily jumped off her bed and headed to prep herself up before leaving her room and headed over to her parents house before making a sudden U-turn as she forgot to stop by her mom's favourite dessert shop, Ichigo.
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