That Adonis is Mine!
25 No Educational Value
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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25 No Educational Value

Ignoring her flaring emotions, Sophie turn her head and walk deep into the room towards the well polished shining wooden chair with soft cushion padding. She sit down while running down her finger along the chair arm noticing no spec of dust on her personal chair, contrasting to whole unkempt and messy room.

'They keep this one clean even I'm not here much'

"Is it done?" Sophie raise her question.

"Yes." Gilligan answered her short after noticing her gaze fall on him after Sophie raised her question. After a few keystroke, he hit 'Enter'. A series of ambiguous and compromising position of same couple throughout the images - Lily and David.

Sophie sneer as she halfheartedly view the pictures before throwing her question, "Only pictures? No video….?"

Without waiting Sophie to finish her question, Gillian projected a folder of video in different timestamp.

"Play?" Want to play the video?

"No need. Don't waste time watching bi*ches in heat mating. No educational value."


"Not now. Let these cheating bast*ard enjoy their time first."

"Should we proceed to next phase, boss?" Abby join in the conversation.

Sophie lightly tapped her finger against the armchair, thinking deeply. After few minute, her taps halted and rejected Abby proposal as the timing isn't right yet. For next plan, she wanted to sever all ties to her stud horse fiancee.

She knew that in order to break the engagement, her family need to know the whole truth in the most dramatic way, to sway their decision to bid allow her plan. Pictures and videos ain't gonna hold since current technology able to alter content digitally, thus she required more concrete evidence, irrefutable one.

So, she need to get the time and place right, to blow all her blind trust, years of dedication and affections, her wraths, up out of proportions.

'This is my revenge for you, David.'
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