That Adonis is Mine!
21 Who is ‘He’?
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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21 Who is ‘He’?

Reeling in Mr Sebastian feeling, Shawn start to gather intel.

"How did Shawn past away, if you don't mind me asking?"


Seeing that Mr Sebastian wasn't replying, Shawn try to ask another question. But before he get to ask, Sebastian slowly answer him.

" know bout your precedent CEO accident?"

"Yes, CEO John mentioned that once to me before…Ah, u meant to say that my name is the same as CEO John deceased twin brother? "

Mr Sebastian noded. Taking another gulp from his glass of wine from Belle Glos Las Alturas Vineyard Pinot Noir. Maybe due to alcohol intake or maybe because of his deep regret or even might be a combination of both, the knot in his heart began to undo.

"Do you know how John and Shawn got their name?"

Shawn keep quiet as he pour another drink for Mr Sebastian, waiting for him to continue. Mr Sebastian then received another full glass, give it a small swirl and drink bottoms up and set the empty wine glass on the table.

"...the two of us gave them that name. He gave the name 'John' while I gave the name 'Shawn'. We were suppose to be godfathers for those kids. We were suppose to take great care of them. We were suppose to be to protect them after Daniel left….. I'm sorry Danny, to let you down…"

Ignoring the almost wailing intoxicated gentleman in front of Shawn, he focused his mind on the keyword of 'He' and 'We'.

"Who is 'He'? What do you meant by 'We'?"

Shawn grasp the drunken man by his collar and repeated his question again and again until a Shawn noticed a twinkle in Mr Sebastian eyes, knowing that his mind is back in control, capable to answer his question.

"He is our friend. Mine and Danny's friend. He is ..."


Mr Sebastian lost his consciousness and head fall down, hitting the table loud. Shawn release a groan, frustrated with the situation. He knows that he lost his chance to know who 'He' was. Shawn take out a box from his jacket and opened it. Then, he take out a syringe inside and carefully injected the content to neutralize the drug he put when he spiked Mr Sebastian drink.

Leave no trace behind.
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