That Adonis is Mine!
20 Mr Sebastian
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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20 Mr Sebastian

Ignoring John coming closer to his right, Shawn opened up the document. But before he could scroll down the document, his screen black out - battery low.


Shawn curse silently but was heard by John that was sitting next to him.

"Language." John berated Shawn.

Discontented, Shawn stand up and walked away from the groove. When he restart his charged laptop later, he closed the document without reading any of it as he make a mental note to read it later.

Little that he realised that the ignored file was the key to his parent accident.

A soft knock on the door pulls Shawn's mind back to present time. As the door opened, a figure of man clad in all black attire entered the room. Shawn noticed the man before him aged quite a bit from what he recalled from his memory.

Mr Sebastian was his father close friend that distance himself after the tragedy. Shawn found out that his father met him a day before the accident happens, thus using intention of cooperation as a front, he meet him for a few round of meeting, to be familiar.

"Apologize for the waiting, Mr Shawn."

"Don't be, Mr Sebastian. I was early."

Shawn receive the extended handshake and gesture Mr Sebastian to sit as he send notification for the server to bring the dinner in. In few minutes, few dishes were carry in and the servers set the table accordingly. Finishes bringing in all the ordered dishes, the servers left the room and close the door behind them, leaving the two man behind.

"Thank you Mr Sebastian for agreeing to meet with me tonight." Shawn started his conversation with Sebastian as they exchange cheers and the night proceed uneventful.

As the night passes, document signed and few glasses of liquor consumed, Shawn decided to conclude his meeting with Mr Sebastian.

"Your name reminded me of my past friend's son." Tipsy Mr Sebastian gave his remark unexpectedly. Shawn was alerted yet remain stoic face.

"Your friend's son have same name with me?"

"Yes. Shawn Edward. If he was alive, he should be around your age too."

"He past away? My condolences, Mr Sebastian."

A genuine regret displayed in Mr Sebastian face as he recalled his last meeting with his deceased friend.

'I'm sorry, Danny.'
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