That Adonis is Mine!
19 Pandora
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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19 Pandora

As they chat for a while, a yellow alert flashes on Shawn laptop screen. Jolted at sudden notification, Shawn regain his focus and overview arrays of gibberish words and his both his hands type in remarkable pace.

"What's wrong?" John asked in concern.

Looking at Shawn putting his 100% concentration to his laptop, John remained silent.

After a long 3 minutes, he saw Shawn pace became slower. Noticing his hands came to stop, John repeated his question.

"EDEM were breached."

"Again?! By who?"

"I don't know. They were snooping around while trashing our whole system."

"Any damage?"

"Minimal. Child play."


Looking at his brother concentrating on fixing damages, sense of proud relive in John heart.

'My brother is great! Too OP!'

Shawn shown his interest in coding at age 7, after he explore a mini computer prototaip that their parent brought home. Noticing that, Shawn slowly picking up the knowledge in programming, all different languages and hacking method.

At age of 10, he then slowly build his own laptop after noticing that all his previous devices were crash and burned. Literally.

Shawn started to write programs in his journey to hone his skill. He once storm the whole deep web after defeating top hackers at age 12, claiming the top title ever since. If those hacker knew they were beaten by an elementary kid, they definitely going to vomit blood!

Soon after, Shawn became a legendary in the deep web as he didn't appear much after no one capable to beat him. He then started to take care EDEM security while leaving their parents in the dark.

As he recovering the corrupted file, Shawn found a hidden folder amidst the affected directory. Noticing Shawn furrowed brows and his pair of hands moves in fast speed, John voiced out a concern. John remain silent as he waiting for Shawn to reply to him.

Didn't receive a response for a while, John moved closer to Shawn. Looking over from Shawn right side, John noticed him opening up a file from an encrypted folder, he read out loud the title.

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