That Adonis is Mine!
17 Underworld Lords
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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17 Underworld Lords

The Rendezvous are known for their absolute secrecy within the ground. Who comes in and who comes out, who meets who, no one able to catch wind of these. Even the guests are unable to bump to another guests as each room for reserved guest are isolated, included the entrance and exit point.

Rumour quotes that Rendezvous are under influence of the Underworld Lord of the City W - codename White Tiger. Thus capable such confidentiality.

The Underworld is known to be under the controlled of four anonymous individuals with the codename Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird and Black Turtle. Each lord dominate one city under the YZ Continents accordingly and concede not to trespass other lord's authorities - Azure Dragon for City E, Vermillion Bird for City S, Black Turtle for City N and lastly the White Tiger.

The dominance these lords have capable to change the government in merely seconds, with no blood spilt. Thus, every prominence clans within the city knew the existence of their lords and swore allegiance to them - even though they never see the bare face behind their lord's mask.

Whenever the Lords appears to the mass, they always wear mask to hide their identities. The position of Underworld Lords can be succeeded by receiving the token of identity - an item that only known by a group of clans elders.

Back to the Rendezvous, Shawn who have arrived earlier at the reserved private room sneezed slightly.

'Someone must have badmouth me somehow'.

Looking at his black leather band dress watch that compliments his white slim fitted collared shirt with top button off with medium grey khakis and a pair of black leather shoes. He have another 40 minutes before his appointment arrival.

Shawn take this time to relax his body, leaning against the comfortable yet luxury single seated deep maroon leather armchair backrest. The pleasant feeling drill Shawn out of his focus and fleeting to his old memories.
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