That Adonis is Mine!
12 All hail the Queen
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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12 All hail the Queen

John and Shawn discussed for another 15 minutes before they went back to the CEO office, acting as they have never left. Precautions were taken, deception were employed - to make sure the enemy were fooled.

Shawn withdraw from the CEO office and went back to his office. Making few more call and signing few more proposals, the sun sets below the horizon. Assistant Delaila knocked at the door and entered after she heard reply from inside.

"Chief Shawn, Mr Sebastian has confirmed his attendance tonight meeting at Rendezvous at 7 pm, where I have made reservation for their private room and dinner arrangement."

"Thanks, Delaila. You may retreat for today."

"Will do, Chief Shawn."

Assistant Delaila left the office after taking out several documents that Shawn have reviewed and left for the day. Shawn continued his task at hand for several more minutes before he left for his appointment.

While in the city N, Sophie Shane apparently have finished conducting her meeting with several head of departments in the second tallest office building in the city, one rank below Shane Co office building - Stellar. Holding the position of CEO, Steller is a company that Sophie personally brought up in two years time.

Stellar dominated few "girlish" industry - apparel and accessories, coffee house, beauty houses and shopping malls and amusement parks. Everything that hype with the girls, all are related to the Stellar!

Everything started in very odd way. One day, Sophie wakes up bewildered, went to her parent house and ask her parents a zero percent interest loan with four years payment due - which she able to settle in a year.

Sophie once mentioned in her interview, reason why she founded Stellar,

"Because only women understand a women. So why let the boys dominate world they clueless about. So, move away boys!"

Her bold statement made all women admire Sophie to a higher level. She is the epitome of Beauty with Brains. All hail the Queen!

A vibrate comes from her phone, indicating "Brother" is trying to reach her. Sophie conflicted whether to answer the call or not. After short second, Sophie swipe her phone screen to the right, picking up the call.

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