That Adonis is Mine!
9 Unspoken rules
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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9 Unspoken rules

Crowded elevator in a early morning working days before clock in hours are norm sight in Edward Empire. Employees in every departments are trying to reach their assigned workstation by 5 minutes to 9 am.

Edward Empire is a 99 floor high - consists of 98 levels that house different departments and sub-units, different size of meeting rooms, latest entertainment installed in break rooms, fully daily stock pantry, qualified nurse in nursery room for working moms - the best benefits an employee can get.

Working in Edward Empire or EDEM is a dream job, thus the competition is high and only the best are hired. A careful selection was made in EDEM - from a simple position as a receptionist until to the top gun in the management circle. This is the changes made happened in five years time - ever since CEO John take over.


A sound from elevator resonant throughout the Strategic Planning Department that are located 10 floor below the 98 office level floor. The sound attracted attention from the newcomer employee that could see the elevator door from her workstation. Putting down her cup of warm latte, she tap the small transparent window between her workstation and another worker in front of her.

"Hey, I'm curious about something. Mind explaining something to me?"


"EDEM is 99 floor right. But why there only 98 level button in the lift?"

"Because top floor is not accessible to anyone."


"No one know why."

"Did no one ever ask what is at floor 99?"

"No one dares. It is just like another unspoken rules here in EDEM."

"Unspoken rules?"

"Yea, EDEM three unspoken rules.

First, 5 minutes early in on time. If meeting at 9am, you have to reach before 8.55am."

"So if I reach at 9 am, I'll be consider late?"

"Yes. Three time late, will be get a warning. Second warning will lead to suspension while third warning, pack and leave. "

"That harsh?!"

"Yes, considered yourself warn."

"What the second and third?"

"Second, never question what is at top level. Ever."

"And if I do?"

"You will get a warning."


"Yes. And three warning will get you out of EDEM."

" " (⊙_⊙)

"Last one, the most crucial one. You can argue or disagree with anyone but the Santa."

"Santa? As in the old man in jolly, wearing red and going out at night, laughing hoho."

"Well, he isn't that old with long white beard. He is kinda remarkably handsome."

"Then why?"

"It is fine to miggling with him, out for lunch or drink. Talking with him casually. Everything is fine if you didn't test his limit. But if you ever in his bad list, you will taste hell. No, maybe hell is even sweeter."

"That serious?"


"So, who is this Mr. Santa?"

Caught sight of a person coming out from the elevator after the ting, she lean closer to the newbie and reply in very low volume while pointing to the man.

"Him, our chief manager. Mr Shawn Edward."
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