That Adonis is Mine!
5 Definitely a green tea bit*h
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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5 Definitely a green tea bit*h

Arriving at the distinguish well-known 5 star Michelin owned restaurant, BlueBell, Sophie exited her car and walked inside. Following the server to the table, Sophie spotted the man that invited her, David.

David is the apparent heir to the Duke & Duchess Hotel. A 1.73 m tall, short natural cherry brown hair, fair tone muscular chest with perfect round squeezable ass. 'A man worth fighting for', as what the high class socialists clique commented to her before.

"I wonder which one is better? David or that delicious Adonis?"

Sophie sudden thought brought her pause on her track.

"Damn it. I didn't even know his name!"

Sophie mumble dishearteningly in her loss of thought. She only recover when David called her name. Coming back from her trance, she resume walking towards David and finally noticing another presence at the table for four.

"Sophie, you're here."

Without replying, Sophie sit opposite David and turn her attention to the waiter behind her and request for a cold beverage before looking back at David.

"Sophie, meet Lily. Lily, this is Sophie."


"My goodness, I finally meet you. I been hearing all things about you from Dave for years."

"Dave?" ( ・◇・)?

"Ah, Dave is David pet name given by his grandmother. Have you meet her before?"

"I haven't."

"Dave, you should bring Sophie to meet grandma."

"I'm planning to do so, Lily. So Sophie, when can Lily start?"

"What are you talking about again?" Sophie clueless to David sudden remark.

Without waiting David reply to Sophie, Lily interrupted their conversation.

"Dave meant the position of your assistant, Soph. I definitely will be working hard!"

(☉_☉) What the..?

Sophie clear her throat before speaking, this time to her fiance, David.

"Since when you have a say in regarding MY work, David?"

Again Lily intervene into Sophie-David conversation.

"Because he is your fiance? Shouldn't you listen to him?"

"Second time. Have you learn that it is impolite to interrupt?"


"But I was defended Dave. You shouldn't be angry at Dave. I apologized to you."

"Sophie, you shouldn't lash at Lily like that. She is right, I am your fiance. What belong to you is mine."

Looking at David trying to be hero saving damsel, Sophie fix her distorted expression and take a mental note, "Definitely a green tea bit*h. A real life one."
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